Friday, August 6, 2010

So glad its Friday lol

Well my sister and I just got through another round of one of Chris Guerriero workouts, this time we did his ab workout and both of us felt it right away. We did 20 reps of the 3 ab workouts in the video I shared yesterday and we also did two workouts on the ball for our abs and 13 minutes on the treadmill and my sister in the elliptical. I had my heart rate up to about 165 I think. Didn't pay close enough attention lol.
But man I am feeling my workout from yesterday from the lunges and squats so I am happy to have my two day weekend break lol to give my muscles some time to recover.

It actually felt good to get back to working out again even though in the beginning I wasn't really looking forward to it. I hope I can keep motivated.

I enjoy viewing Chris Guerriero's video's and find them very motivating. So glad he found me.

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