Monday, October 4, 2010

Keeping it up

If you have the wii and were wondering if wii fit was a good product to by let me tell you its worth every penny. Though I have only had it a few days I have done my best to work out on it every day. I have enjoyed every exercise and it has helped me to see what I really need to work on and thankfully it keeps track of everything for me as well. That is so much better then me having to do it. And it has me set a goal and reminds me every day that I am on it how far I am away from reaching my first goal.

Another great feature is that it makes you be smart about your goals and advises you when a goal isn't wise. I like that cause I would probably always set goals I can't reach but making small goals it makes them more achievable.

I know weight fluctuate from day to day but I am encouraged at the 2 lb drop but I know it could just be the difference now of changing when I weigh myself but I have weighed myself at 1 in the afternoon and been the exact same weight at 9 pm. So this time I weighed myself this morning and we will see how tomorrow goes. Not that I think weighing yourself every day is a good thing as it can be discouraging as well - but you click on body test and it does it all.

I will be very excited the day I get to report there has been a 10 lb difference. I am so encouraged right now.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how it's working for you. Have to look into the price. I know another sister who has it and loves it, too.