Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Worship

For family worship we try to find ways to make learning about the Bible fun so I found this wonderful game a sister had put together. Its set up kinda like scattergories. On the left hand side of the page you have a number of different words written down the side such as man, woman, event, Bible writer, prophet etc. and then you have a sheet of letters of the alphabet that you cut out and put into a bag. You draw out a letter and try to write down the words starting with that letter.

For example if we drew out the name A

Man: Absolam
Woman: Abigael
Event: Armageddon
place: Assyria

We had a blast doing this. Time flew by and before we knew it we had been playing for almost 2 hours. We could have kept going it was so much fun and the kids were getting to know different Bible characters and places etc. Books can be used to help in this area such as the Bible story books or the Insight books and of course your Bible. I know the more we play this the better the kids are going to get at remembering different events and characters in the Bible. It was very enjoyable. Just thought I would share that.


  1. THis is an awesome idea! I want to suggest this for our family worship. We're always looking for new ideas to keep things fresh. TFS :-)

  2. Only discovered your blog about my game just now... :-)
    We love that game too. We play it regularly at our Family Worship. Very happy to read you enjoyed it so much as well! I'm always looking for ways to make learning about the Bible even more fun and this game is so simple, but very effective.
    Another game we really looove to play, is the Bible Action Game. Did I sent you that already? Otherwise I would love to send it to you. The word "Action" in the title is not exaggerated... :-)

    Thank you for sharing your experience dear Sis xxx