Friday, October 31, 2014

A little Bzzzzzz dropped in today,,, read below to find out what.

Look what the Bzz dropped in. As I mentioned 2 weeks ago I was finally getting my first campaign to partake in through The campaign started today and today my package arrived.
With winter coming on I was really looking forward to giving my hair a shade change to give me a little boost. Normally when choosing a hair colour my preferred colour was red. Unfortunately in this campaign there were only certain colours available and so I was already brown so didn't want to go darker with darker brown or black so I chose Clairol's Nice N Easy Medium Ash Blonde.
As you can see I achieved a red look anyway due to my own natural red highlights. This evening it looks like a red brown. Either way I love it.
What was even more impressive was that after the colour was washed out, which btw came out very nicely. No icky residue that no matter how much rinsing doesn't seem to want to leave your hair anyway. This product rinsed out nice and clear and than I applied their conditioner which was a nice smell and after 2 minutes of sitting I rinsed that out and instantly my hair felt nice. No dried out feeling that I have had from past products. After I dried my hair I could not stop running my fingers through my hair enjoying how soft it felt. Even went to my husband and told him to feel my hair, than to my 17 year old son I said the same. I asked him how does my hair feel, his first teenage answer was "like hair!" So I asked him to touch his own hair and than touch mine, and than he says it feels so soft.
Either way I was very impressed with Nice N Easy hair colour and will probably use again in the future especially if I can find the hair colour closer to the colour I usually use.
If you are looking for a home colour treatment that gives you a shift in shade this is one to try.
I give 2 thumbs up for this product. 

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