Monday, October 20, 2014

Do you like free stuff.

Recently I have been introduced to the world of free samples, coupons etc. Now I still have not caught on to the coupon craze as some have, which I do think is absolutely awesome, but the incredible amount of work scares me off hahahaha.

A few months ago I joined a site called BzzAgent whom I learned about from Thanks Terra for sharing and making us all aware what is out there. Anyway back to BzzAgent. The site gets you to fill out survey's that would best fit their campaigns and you. If a campaign suits you than you receive an invite. You must be willing to share a review of the product you get to try for free and you have the right to refuse any campaign. The more you participate the more campaign opportunities you have to participate in.

I received my first campaign today, as you see I am so excited about the opportunity that it has caused me to want to write about it and share the opportunity with others if they are so interested in trying it. There are campaigns for Canada and the States. I love being able to try new things and love samples and freebies lol.

If you are like me and like to try new products first than checkout and see what they are all about.

When I receive my kit I will be sure to come back and share with you what I received and what I think of the product I tried.

Thanks again BzzAgent for the opporutnity!!!!! I am so super stoked.

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