Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you want to know a Secret?

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I was soon going to be trying Secret Clear Gel. The campaign started yesterday and I was eager to put this product to the test. 

To be absolutely honest I was not a fan of Gel products, I hate that wet sticky feeling that the product gave you when using it. However I was given the opportunity to try this product through the #bzzagent campaign and was willing to give this type of product one more shot. I have used secret products in the past and felt they had a pretty decent antiperspirant product line. 

The campaign started yesterday and I decided right from the start I would give it a 48 hour test by not putting on any deodorant the following day. 

When I first put it on I felt a little tacky and it took a little bit for that to dissipate before I felt dry but not as bad as past products that I have tried. The scent was not over powering thankfully as I was suffering from a horrible headache yesterday. The thought of not putting on deodorant this morning never sounds like a good idea however as I mentioned above I really wanted to see if this product stood up to its promise of the 48 hour protection, and to my absolute surprise it is proving true so far. Now it has not been quite 48 hours as of yet, but it has been 33.5 hours so far and no break through odour. I even did some housework and still dry and clean smelling. 
Now I have not worked up a crazy sweat or anything but I still have time to get in a really honest test of this product which I hope to provide. I never take a products promise as true unless I have experienced it myself. So far day 2 of use and I am pleasantly surprised of how it has stood up so far. 
For those who do love the gel products, I believe that you will really like this product. 

I realize this is only day 2 but I'm not done yet. I will be back with more thoughts as I go through the testing period of this product. 

Thank you #bzzagent, thank you Secret Clear Gel for the opportunity to try this product. 

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