Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do you have 10 minutes?

It has been awhile since I have done a bzzagent campaign but my say I was happy to try our this one. I have never done a root touch up before, not even at a salon. I would just let my hair grow out or re-dye it again. 

I received my package just before my son's wedding and so I waited to use it just in case it did not match the current colour I had in my hair. I had a completely different brand and didn't want to mess with my hair before my sons wedding. I was not taking the chance of looking funky for wedding pictures lol. 

So I waited until I had the time to take to do this as I have never had a root touch up as I said in the beginning. I must say though it matched my colour seamlessly and it was so easy to do. It was so easy to apply with the precision brush which allowed me to get right to the root and cover up those silly greys that keep trying to tell me I'm getting older. 

Nothing I like more than getting a product that actually does what it promises and I have already been impressed by #ClairolColour as it product was easy to use, rinsed out easily and left hair feeling soft and they did it once again with the root touch up making it easy to apply and coverage within 10 minutes. Who could ask any better than that. 

You also have a choice of 21 shades to choose from to match your colour and it also promises to work with salon colours. How perfect is that. I know I am sold and will now consider doing my own touchups without waiting for my hair to grow out before colouring again. 

Thank you Clairol for providing me with the colours I love and with the ease of applying it. You save me time and money!!!