Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can you see them?

Though I really do have eye lashes, without help they almost look invisible. And believe me they need help. 
Recently I was invited to a campaign through BzzAgent to try CoverGirls LashBlash Mascara. I had already owned Covergirls Clump Crusher which I had purchased through topbox. And I loved it. I loved the curled brush and those invisible lashes of mine seemed to come alive the moment the brush kissed my lashes. Finally my eyelashes appeared. I have tried many different types of mascara's and within a short period of time I am disappointed with the product. After a bit of use the brush becomes badly gummed up and trying to put the mascara on left me with a mess trying to put on my eyelashes without a clumpy mess. However with Covergirls Clump Crusher, I have had for a few months now and still loving it. No messes, goes on clean and guess what no clumps. Eyelashes are beautifully volumized and beautifully separated giving a full look. 

Now onto the one that I had with the campaign which was The purple one you see in the picture above, Covergirls LashBlast Fusion. Can we say pump up the volume, pump it up, pump it up!!! Yep there is no more hiding these lashes anymore. In the middle picture on the bottom row, I am where no makeup obviously lol. But as you can see my eyeslashes pretty much look obsolete, especially on my bottom lid. On goes the LastBlast Fusion and pop goes my eyelashes. Yes!!!! Finally I can prove they are there thanks to Covergirls LashBlast Fusion. 

As you can see from this picture above, with the close up of my eye it appears that I literally have no lashes. But with the help of Covergirl LashBlast Fusion, it is easy to see how much volume is given to my nearly non-existent lashes. So if you are like me in need of help to make those dear eyelashes stand out than I do recommend using Covergirls LashBlast products. 

The brush on the Fusion is a straight brush and larger than the clump crusher but both prove to be up to the task in helping us find our tiny little lashes and giving us voluminous beautiful lashes. 

If you have thin lashes like mine you will get wonderful volume that you can be happy with. I will say this though - if you are looking for runway model eyelashes that are so thick and crazy long than you will need to have a date with photoshop however if you are looking for naturally beautiful volumized lashes than visit your local department store or dug mart and pick up your Covergirl LashBlast mascara today. 
I have only reviewed two of the products in this series but am eager to try the other mascara's in this series. 

Check out the lashblast system here