Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Mail loves me this week

Nothing gets me more excited than my hubby coming home with something from the mail for me. I love packages with tons of free stuff inside for me to try. 
So this weeks boxes had products coming in from P&G. The dishwasher pods will go to my appreciative mother who has a dishwasher and I will use all the rest. But I have tried the Cascade pods before when my dishwasher was working and I am very pleased with the results. Its a product I would recommend. Same with the Mr Clean magic scrubber. It has gotten marks off like nothing else has. 
Being that I have sensitive skin I look forward to trying the Tide pods. I will try and post here the next time that I know p&g goes live so you can have a chance at trying their wonderful products before you buy. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

for the love of your four legged friends

Do you have a special pet and love providing them with foods you know are good for them. Companies that use reputable farms, and products when producing their product? Recently I heard about this company and requested my free trial bag. They are a canadian company that started in 1999. They pride themselves on providing the very best for our special furbabies.

I have 5 four legged friends, only 3 though will benefit from this product lol. My boxer has sensitivity issues so am looking forward to trying this product to see if there will be any benefit to him.

Interested in getting your own free trial, click on the link below.