Friday, February 26, 2010

sweatin it off

See this face - this is after doing a 10 minute trainer program that allows you to get the most out of your workout in just 10 minutes. Okay don't mean to sound like an infomercial lol but I just can't help myself.

I did the lower body workout and when I walked down the stairs to speak to my hubby my legs felt like jello..... I had to concentrate to keep myself from allowing my legs to give into how weak they felt lol.

Oh and as you see you sweat. Tony Horton makes sure that you sweat in the least amount of time. I love the workout and if I feel energetic enough I can do it again later in the day. It's perfect.

Glad to see the snow has slowed down again. I just finished shoveling out the front walk - it was just cleared out last night but you would never know it after the snow and blowing snow filled it all back in again. My two bottom steps disappeared under the snow. And just as I finish getting it cleared the snow really starts coming down. Its kinda like after wash your car it rains kinda thing lol. Thankfully for the moment its just lightly falling now lol.

In a couple hours I go to get my hair cut. Its my treat after two months of working out at the gym. Unfortunately we haven't been able to workout every day like we had hoped but we keep going as much as we can. I know there is times where I could go by myself but I like the challenge of working beside my sister. We keep each other going - its not competing against each other but we certainly do push ourselves when we work together. My goal is to be size 12 by this June. If I am smaller then that great - but if I reach that goal then I will be so proud of myself. Its a goal I plan on reaching. I see it in front of me. I need to get a size 12 outfit to get into to make sure I keep it in front of me as well. Oh there will be some celebrating if I reach it lol.

Okay now I must jump in the shower and get ready for my appointment. Hope everyone is having a great day wherever you are.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back from the gym and I am so happy to report....

As some of you may know I have joined the gym a month ago. We have gone every week even if we have not been able to work out every day. I have missed a whole week due to babysitting and missed a day or two here and there due to migraines or deaths in the family. So I really didn't think I had lost any weight. despite that fact that my hubby said he believed I did and my dear son said it looked like I had the other day. I thought they were just nice as I didn't feel there was any difference. However I am still just as determined to continue on cause I know one day there will be a difference.

Today my sister and I took our 2nd month photo. We took one when we first started and now again one month later. And this is where I am a little excited.......

I know our outfits are not completely the same but I am wearing the same shirt as I was in the first picture and my sister is wearing the same pants. Can you spot the difference. If you need to see the picture bigger just click on the image and it will open up larger.

I know when I put on my shirt today that it did not feel as tight. But I was not going to get excited. However when I put the two pictures up beside one another I got excited. There has been some weight loss.

In one month there has been progress and I am so excited about it that I just had to blog it. I was so excited that I haven't even jumped in the shower lol. Still sitting here in my sweaty gym cloths lol, not that you wanted to hear that lol. I can't wait to see our picture again in one months time. I was just so excited that I had to share our first months progress with you all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Its been a week since I have taken the time to post but things have been crazy around here the last little while.

Sadly on the 4th of this month my hubby's sister Diane passed away only one month after their sister Wendy had passed away. Diane's was a shock as we didn't even know she was unwell. She suffered from colon cancer and we didn't find out until last Saturday when my hubby and his other sister were at the hospital and happened to run into their sister there. It was such a sad situation that I can't even put it into words. I am so thankful for the truth and the promises we have of the resurrection. If Diane and Wendy are resurrected they will be reunited with their parents whom also have passed away in 1991(Jeannette), and 2001(Ronald). And all will get a chance to see the world the way God meant it to be when he first created man in paradise conditions. What a grand hope we have to look forward too. Revelation 21:4

Now onto a complete change of subject. I want to thank the sisters of our crochet group who have been so patient in teaching me how to crochet. Our first lesson a wash cloth and towel set. The pattern also came with a soap pouch but it was a little more intricate so we just stuck with the two. Here is the link to the bath set if interested.

This is my results from the pattern. this is the wash cloth. I had started out with the variegated cloth first but messed up and could not tell why so went with the solid colour and well did the same thing and thankfully to the careful eyes of my crochet friends they caught my mistake. It was frustrating at first cause I could not figure out what I was doing wrong but soon I caught my mistakes and found out I was crocheting into the same dc stitch as the one I had already crocheted into. So now i can catch my mistakes for that pattern lol. Now I am onto the towel. So far I just have the four squares crocheted and have another four to go before I can continue on with the pattern. I am really enjoying learning this finally. I have been wanting to crochet for years but just could not wrap my mind around it. Finally with the help of my dear crocheting friends I am finally able to grasp the concept. Knitting came much more easily to me then crocheting did lol.

Well its now 1:30 pm and I still have not gotten my assignment done for my talk in week and a half. So I must stop procrastinating and get at it. Its for the week of the 15th - now you will know why I am procrastinating lol.