Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can you see them?

Though I really do have eye lashes, without help they almost look invisible. And believe me they need help. 
Recently I was invited to a campaign through BzzAgent to try CoverGirls LashBlash Mascara. I had already owned Covergirls Clump Crusher which I had purchased through topbox. And I loved it. I loved the curled brush and those invisible lashes of mine seemed to come alive the moment the brush kissed my lashes. Finally my eyelashes appeared. I have tried many different types of mascara's and within a short period of time I am disappointed with the product. After a bit of use the brush becomes badly gummed up and trying to put the mascara on left me with a mess trying to put on my eyelashes without a clumpy mess. However with Covergirls Clump Crusher, I have had for a few months now and still loving it. No messes, goes on clean and guess what no clumps. Eyelashes are beautifully volumized and beautifully separated giving a full look. 

Now onto the one that I had with the campaign which was The purple one you see in the picture above, Covergirls LashBlast Fusion. Can we say pump up the volume, pump it up, pump it up!!! Yep there is no more hiding these lashes anymore. In the middle picture on the bottom row, I am where no makeup obviously lol. But as you can see my eyeslashes pretty much look obsolete, especially on my bottom lid. On goes the LastBlast Fusion and pop goes my eyelashes. Yes!!!! Finally I can prove they are there thanks to Covergirls LashBlast Fusion. 

As you can see from this picture above, with the close up of my eye it appears that I literally have no lashes. But with the help of Covergirl LashBlast Fusion, it is easy to see how much volume is given to my nearly non-existent lashes. So if you are like me in need of help to make those dear eyelashes stand out than I do recommend using Covergirls LashBlast products. 

The brush on the Fusion is a straight brush and larger than the clump crusher but both prove to be up to the task in helping us find our tiny little lashes and giving us voluminous beautiful lashes. 

If you have thin lashes like mine you will get wonderful volume that you can be happy with. I will say this though - if you are looking for runway model eyelashes that are so thick and crazy long than you will need to have a date with photoshop however if you are looking for naturally beautiful volumized lashes than visit your local department store or dug mart and pick up your Covergirl LashBlast mascara today. 
I have only reviewed two of the products in this series but am eager to try the other mascara's in this series. 

Check out the lashblast system here

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I've got a secret for Hue!!!! Hue won't be disappointed. Yes I meant HUE!!

Summer is drawing to an end and you look in the mirror only to discover your roots are really showing. You wonder how you are going to fit time into your already busy schedule to get to the salon to fix up the very noticeable root line and those pesky grey hairs that you didn't bother to yank out all summer long.
With time being an issue, Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up has the solution. With 21 different shade hues you can easy match up even Salon coloured hair. With just 10 minutes you can say goodbye to those pesky grey hairs and roots.
The wonderful thing about Clairol Nice and N Easy Root Touch up is that it seamless matches other hue products. How do I know? I personally tried it myself. I had Revlon Hair colour in my hair and received an opportunity through Bzz Agent to try Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up. I accepted the offer but did not do it right away as I had my sons wedding to go to. I was afraid to try it because the two hues were slightly different as one was a light red hue and the other a medium. However after the wedding I tried it and was surprised that I could not see a visible difference. It matched seamlessly.
I was so happy with my results. The instructions were easy to follow and simple to do.
With the cost of salon prices and the time required to have your hair done, you can spend under $10 dollars and only 10 minutes of your time to get the coverage you need without the dent in your wallet or in your schedule.
Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up has 21 different shades you will be able to find a match to give you seamless colour.

In the picture above you can see the roots showing especially on my bangs, in the second picture you can see no different between the two hues. Though the picture looks darker in the second picture its just the lighting as my hair is a red hue not brown. 

The picture below was the same day I did the colour. In fact my son showed up just as I was finishing up my hair. As you can see in the image below the hues matched very well. 

I was thoroughly impressed that I could have root coverage for a fraction of the price and in only 10 minutes. If you have roots needing coverage, and only a little time to do it in, Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up is the way to go. This girl gives this product 2 thumbs up. 

Who couldn't love hair with that colour!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do you have 10 minutes?

It has been awhile since I have done a bzzagent campaign but my say I was happy to try our this one. I have never done a root touch up before, not even at a salon. I would just let my hair grow out or re-dye it again. 

I received my package just before my son's wedding and so I waited to use it just in case it did not match the current colour I had in my hair. I had a completely different brand and didn't want to mess with my hair before my sons wedding. I was not taking the chance of looking funky for wedding pictures lol. 

So I waited until I had the time to take to do this as I have never had a root touch up as I said in the beginning. I must say though it matched my colour seamlessly and it was so easy to do. It was so easy to apply with the precision brush which allowed me to get right to the root and cover up those silly greys that keep trying to tell me I'm getting older. 

Nothing I like more than getting a product that actually does what it promises and I have already been impressed by #ClairolColour as it product was easy to use, rinsed out easily and left hair feeling soft and they did it once again with the root touch up making it easy to apply and coverage within 10 minutes. Who could ask any better than that. 

You also have a choice of 21 shades to choose from to match your colour and it also promises to work with salon colours. How perfect is that. I know I am sold and will now consider doing my own touchups without waiting for my hair to grow out before colouring again. 

Thank you Clairol for providing me with the colours I love and with the ease of applying it. You save me time and money!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3D White Brilliance you may just convince me to smile more!!!

I have another opportunity to try a new product through the #BzzAgent campaign where I get to try products absolutely free. #GotItFree

I am already a Crest 3d White user but I have not achieved the whiteness I would have liked just using the paste. So I was extremely excited when I got invited to this campaign. 

I was very impressed with my first initial use of the product, so much so I decided to take pictures right away. 

Normally I would never in a million years share a picture such as this. This was just after using the Crest 3D white Brilliance toothpaste only. I was impressed by how clean my teeth actually felt. It felt almost as good as a dentist cleaning. However still looked pretty stained.

Then I used the Crest 3D Brilliance Boost and I was once again even more impressed. Look how shiny those teeth look after just one use. Okay #3DWhiteBrilliance you have my attention. 

I instantly shared my results with my own children who the next day decided to try the product themselves. My sons are smokers and so I was blown away at how clean and bright their teeth looked after just one use of #3DWhiteBrilliance toothpaste. 

I was away for a girls spa weekend with friends and my one friend who is also a BzzAgent but did not get in on this campaign saw my toothpaste and asked if she could try it because if she liked it she would switch to #3DWhiteBrilliance herself. I will have to ask her what she thought as I didn't remember to ask her what she thought as we were packing up as our weekend was ending. 

if just one application brings this results I know I will get the results I hoped for. 
Thank you #3DWhiteBrilliance for my new #SmileStyle

Robax Platinum Trial Offer

Robax Platinum Trial Offer

For those with back pain here is an offer for a free trial of Robax Platinum

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Its made me a believer

I know I have been quiet on my blog for a bit but I really wanted to give this product time to prove itself before I really went on praising it before I have really had the chance to test it out. As I mentioned before I did give the 48 hour protection test and it proved to be true. That was impressive. Secondly most woman are frustrated by white marks that do not come out of their clothing from the deodorant they are wearing, even if its their favourite solid brand, you can't seem to get away without that cute little black number having an awful white mark that has become embedding in your outfit. And it seems that no matter how much scrubbing you do, the one thing that proves true, its there forever. However with Secret Outlast its true no awful white marks left on your favourite outfits or shirts. No need to throw out your favourite shirt any more just switch to Secret Outlast and you will be happy you did or at least your outfits will be.

I know that I am teetering between my favourite brand and Secret Outlast. I am not a huge fan of gels but I am so happy with my shirts having no deodorant marks on them that I am truly considering the switch. I know my shirts are begging me too. No more having to throw my clothes into the back of the closet because I can't wear it any more but do not have the heart to throw it out. My shirts are finally saved. Do take my word for it though, go out and buy Secret Outlast today and prove to yourself and your shirts, that you can wear your deodorant and keep your shirts.

I was never a believer in gel deodorant products until Secret Clear Gel came into my life. It has made me a believer, how about you?

Oh I just about forgot to mention - thank you Jono for the reminder. #GotItFree #GotItFreeFromSecret. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I am a bzzagent and I have the opportunity to try out different campaigns that I have been invited too. This was one of those campaigns. I got to try this full product sample absolutely free. You can too, why not check out Bzzagent for youself.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things you may notice about this blog....................

As suggested by the name of this blog, it has been about my random ramblings. As of late it has been more about my free samplings that I get in the mail or free products that I get to try through BzzAgent campaigns, but that is not all that I am about. There are a few things about me you may not realize that I enjoy doing. Let me share a few of those with you.

One of the things that keeps me busy and out of trouble lol is my crocheting. Originally I was a knitter. Taught by my mother back when I was about 12 years old, she taught my older sister and I how to knit as well as crochet. However I picked up knitting and for some reason didn't grasp crocheting. However back in 2009 I decided to try my hand at crocheting. Thanks to the internet and youtube as well as a wonderful friend, I started out at first making granny squares. Eventually branching out from there, however I still have so much more to learn but I am getting there. 
Here are a few items I have done recently. I love crocheting because you get to see the results so much more quicker than you do when knitting. To see some more of the items that I have made you can visit my facebook page. Knits4UbyApril

Wonderful huge crocheted cowl made for a friend

Order I just completed. Waiting on buttons to be added. 

Order - made for friend

These are actually knitted, gifts for friends. 

Order for a friend

Order - made for niece. 
Made for Grandson

Made for friend