Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You're never too old to learn how to drive.....

I remember when I was younger I used to say to myself I will never be as bad as my mom in getting my license. I was right - I would be worse. My mom got hers when she was 28 years old. Mind you I do not have my full license yet but my G1 (learners permit) however I am going on 39 years old. You would think though as you get older you would be a little more confident in yourself and your abilities after all I am older and wiser right? Never mind don't answer that. Unfortunately it does not work that way. Waiting until you are much older to get your drivers license you sadly lose your confidence, and you tend to be a little bit more nervous. I've discovered I hate sharp bends in the road and I don't like stretch of road by the mall in NL. I will probably hate driving in NL as well but I haven't attempted that yet.

On the day of my writing my exam there was an accident - some guy coming out of one of the businesses along that stretch ran into a truck that was stopped to make his turn into one of the businesses. The car front end was all smashed in and the truck took some damage too. But this is not something you want to see when you finally decide its time to get your drivers license. its like the day I got married. I was married at the court house and had to watch some guy get taken away in hand cuffs. Who wants that memory for their wedding day, or car accident when you first get your license. It certainly is not a confidence booster if you ask me.

Today I drove all the way to NL and drove only as far as McDonald's and made my hubby take over from there. I didn't want to drive over to Tim Horton's - I want to get a little more driving experience in before trying to get used to all those turn offs into the businesses. I know you are probably thinking I'm a wimp. That's okay I would rather be comfortable then a nervous driver causing an accident. And I have to get used to checking my mirrors and blind spots when making lane changes.

I love cruise control - it helps me keep my speed under 100 lol. I know my hubby is not used to driving slower lol but I refuse to get demerit points on my beginners lol. But I am enjoying driving more now. I didn't like it much my first day and was very unsure of myself. But I know with more driving and experience hubby and I will be fighting over who gets to drive. Right now I get it cause I have to learn lol. I am thankful that my hubby is patient. So far he has only told me I need more practice with lane changes - but where we live we don't have that to worry about lol so today was my first time really doing it. I know in time I will get used to that as well.

I just hope when it comes to my G2 I will be confident enough to pass. Tests make me nervous lol.

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