Sunday, March 28, 2010

So the white stuff returns

We knew it was eventually going to happen but after losing the snow and having gorgeous spring like weather its like being slapped in the face to wake up to the white stuff covering the entire ground.

Okay last week was not spring like as it was still very cold but the sun was out but there was no snow on the ground despite how cold it was. The spiteful weatherman kept telling us that the snow was coming but for some reason we managed to not get it until now..............

Yesterday there was a dusting of snow on the ground but at least it had the common decency to melt by the afternoon. This stuff could possibly be here on the ground until it warms up on Tuesday providing the weather does not change once again.

I do not particularly believe the weatherman - but I do head over to the weather network to see what possibly could be our weather. The weatherman likes to play with your hopes for better weather. You listen to the report then you make plans to enjoy a great day outside and then the next day the weatherman changes his mind. I'm sure he is in his back corner behind his green screen laughing at us fools for getting our hopes up that better weather is on its way.

Next week his report is that by the weekend we should have +20 weather. I am not getting my hopes up - I will wait to see what Friday brings and go from there. I do hope though I can get in some half decent walking days in - I have some weight too lose before June. If only the weatherman would just cooperate I could have been out all last week. But Jack frost was out nipping at noses for any who ventured outside.

If summer actually comes this year I will be a very happy camper. It was winter up until May 31st and we had 2 weeks of warm summer weather in June and then another 2 weeks of warm weather in August the rest of that was cold and raining. I think we all deserve a better summer this year. If not I'm firing the weatherman......................................

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