Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things you may notice about this blog....................

As suggested by the name of this blog, it has been about my random ramblings. As of late it has been more about my free samplings that I get in the mail or free products that I get to try through BzzAgent campaigns, but that is not all that I am about. There are a few things about me you may not realize that I enjoy doing. Let me share a few of those with you.

One of the things that keeps me busy and out of trouble lol is my crocheting. Originally I was a knitter. Taught by my mother back when I was about 12 years old, she taught my older sister and I how to knit as well as crochet. However I picked up knitting and for some reason didn't grasp crocheting. However back in 2009 I decided to try my hand at crocheting. Thanks to the internet and youtube as well as a wonderful friend, I started out at first making granny squares. Eventually branching out from there, however I still have so much more to learn but I am getting there. 
Here are a few items I have done recently. I love crocheting because you get to see the results so much more quicker than you do when knitting. To see some more of the items that I have made you can visit my facebook page. Knits4UbyApril

Wonderful huge crocheted cowl made for a friend

Order I just completed. Waiting on buttons to be added. 

Order - made for friend

These are actually knitted, gifts for friends. 

Order for a friend

Order - made for niece. 
Made for Grandson

Made for friend

I hope this is true and that it works

I just saw something completely amazing on youtube and decided to share with all of you. To be absolutely honest I have not tried this myself but can't wait to purchase some baby shampoo because not too long ago I shrunk a brand new skirt unintentionally. And since it shrunk probably about 4-6 inches it would not look right to wear it and so now I am eager to try this suggestion that you can view in this short video. Unshrink the shrunk

If you have tried this and it has worked please comment below and let us know how it worked out, or if it did not work out for you. As mentioned in the video sadly this will not work on any wool sweaters so if you thought yeah finally, sorry to disappoint but once a wool item is shrunk its time to give it a chance at a new life as something else other than a sweater lol.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you want to know a Secret?

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I was soon going to be trying Secret Clear Gel. The campaign started yesterday and I was eager to put this product to the test. 

To be absolutely honest I was not a fan of Gel products, I hate that wet sticky feeling that the product gave you when using it. However I was given the opportunity to try this product through the #bzzagent campaign and was willing to give this type of product one more shot. I have used secret products in the past and felt they had a pretty decent antiperspirant product line. 

The campaign started yesterday and I decided right from the start I would give it a 48 hour test by not putting on any deodorant the following day. 

When I first put it on I felt a little tacky and it took a little bit for that to dissipate before I felt dry but not as bad as past products that I have tried. The scent was not over powering thankfully as I was suffering from a horrible headache yesterday. The thought of not putting on deodorant this morning never sounds like a good idea however as I mentioned above I really wanted to see if this product stood up to its promise of the 48 hour protection, and to my absolute surprise it is proving true so far. Now it has not been quite 48 hours as of yet, but it has been 33.5 hours so far and no break through odour. I even did some housework and still dry and clean smelling. 
Now I have not worked up a crazy sweat or anything but I still have time to get in a really honest test of this product which I hope to provide. I never take a products promise as true unless I have experienced it myself. So far day 2 of use and I am pleasantly surprised of how it has stood up so far. 
For those who do love the gel products, I believe that you will really like this product. 

I realize this is only day 2 but I'm not done yet. I will be back with more thoughts as I go through the testing period of this product. 

Thank you #bzzagent, thank you Secret Clear Gel for the opportunity to try this product. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whooo hoooo I got another one

I realize I have been silent over here on my blog lately but not because I just don't feel like writing aimlessly into the world wide web but have been busy working on other projects. I am a crocheter/knitter and so have been busy filling out orders and gifting a few friends here and there along the way. That said I do have something new to share.

As always #BzzAgent is busy putting out products for members to try and I just received my second campaign to participate in. I get the privilege of trying out this product below.

Normally I am not a fan of gel deodorants as I find them to leave you feeling wet and sticky but I was willing to give this product a try. I have tried secret in the past and found their products pretty good so we will see what happens here with the gel. I will document my thoughts on the product when I get a chance to try it out. I should receive it within the next two weeks as the campaign will start on the 15th of this month.

For those who are interested in trying before you buy a good place to start is with bzzagent. Joining bzzagent is free and once you set up your account there are a number of surveys to complete. Don't worry those survey's are quick and painless but allows bzzagent to find campaigns that would best suit you. Once you receive your offer to join a campaign you can accept or decline it. Once you accept it, and received your product you are asked to let others know about the product you have tried as well as give your thoughts on the product. Very simple and as you share you are given points and the more points you have the more campaigns you are able to share in.

If you are interested why not check it out for yourself https://www.bzzagent.com/index.jsp

Have a great day everyone wherever you are, and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Feel free to comment.