Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Its made me a believer

I know I have been quiet on my blog for a bit but I really wanted to give this product time to prove itself before I really went on praising it before I have really had the chance to test it out. As I mentioned before I did give the 48 hour protection test and it proved to be true. That was impressive. Secondly most woman are frustrated by white marks that do not come out of their clothing from the deodorant they are wearing, even if its their favourite solid brand, you can't seem to get away without that cute little black number having an awful white mark that has become embedding in your outfit. And it seems that no matter how much scrubbing you do, the one thing that proves true, its there forever. However with Secret Outlast its true no awful white marks left on your favourite outfits or shirts. No need to throw out your favourite shirt any more just switch to Secret Outlast and you will be happy you did or at least your outfits will be.

I know that I am teetering between my favourite brand and Secret Outlast. I am not a huge fan of gels but I am so happy with my shirts having no deodorant marks on them that I am truly considering the switch. I know my shirts are begging me too. No more having to throw my clothes into the back of the closet because I can't wear it any more but do not have the heart to throw it out. My shirts are finally saved. Do take my word for it though, go out and buy Secret Outlast today and prove to yourself and your shirts, that you can wear your deodorant and keep your shirts.

I was never a believer in gel deodorant products until Secret Clear Gel came into my life. It has made me a believer, how about you?

Oh I just about forgot to mention - thank you Jono for the reminder. #GotItFree #GotItFreeFromSecret. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I am a bzzagent and I have the opportunity to try out different campaigns that I have been invited too. This was one of those campaigns. I got to try this full product sample absolutely free. You can too, why not check out Bzzagent for youself.