Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3D White Brilliance you may just convince me to smile more!!!

I have another opportunity to try a new product through the #BzzAgent campaign where I get to try products absolutely free. #GotItFree

I am already a Crest 3d White user but I have not achieved the whiteness I would have liked just using the paste. So I was extremely excited when I got invited to this campaign. 

I was very impressed with my first initial use of the product, so much so I decided to take pictures right away. 

Normally I would never in a million years share a picture such as this. This was just after using the Crest 3D white Brilliance toothpaste only. I was impressed by how clean my teeth actually felt. It felt almost as good as a dentist cleaning. However still looked pretty stained.

Then I used the Crest 3D Brilliance Boost and I was once again even more impressed. Look how shiny those teeth look after just one use. Okay #3DWhiteBrilliance you have my attention. 

I instantly shared my results with my own children who the next day decided to try the product themselves. My sons are smokers and so I was blown away at how clean and bright their teeth looked after just one use of #3DWhiteBrilliance toothpaste. 

I was away for a girls spa weekend with friends and my one friend who is also a BzzAgent but did not get in on this campaign saw my toothpaste and asked if she could try it because if she liked it she would switch to #3DWhiteBrilliance herself. I will have to ask her what she thought as I didn't remember to ask her what she thought as we were packing up as our weekend was ending. 

if just one application brings this results I know I will get the results I hoped for. 
Thank you #3DWhiteBrilliance for my new #SmileStyle

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