Friday, December 11, 2009

Almost Amazing Race Part 2

What an exciting race this was for the students of my son's class. I had Ethan retrace his steps for me so I could share the adventure of this race with all of you.

The race began right inside Ethan's classroom, and all participants started off running out of the school to their first clue which was the local arena. At the arena the teams had to run out onto the ice surface and find the puck with the names of their team members on the puck. Once they find the puck they have to shoot it into the hockey net to receive their next clue.

Ethan's team was the second team to find their puck and shoot it into the net. They scored on their first shot and received their next clue.

The next clue takes to the local food bank where they have to give in their food donation and then head to the post office where they were to receive a key and find the correct box to receive their next clue.

Only one team at a time could enter into the post office. Ethan's team was first to enter. There they received a key and then they had to go find the correct box that the key would fit in. They tried a couple of times and then re-read the clue and then found the correct box on their 3rd try. Inside the box was their next clue.

This clue then took the teams to the railway station. There the teams had to find the missing word in the quote. My son could not remember what the quote was but it took them about 5 minutes to find the missing word. Then they received their next clue which took them to a variety store down town where they could receive a hot chocolate and a clue to their next location.

This clue took them to the skate park. Where they found the following clue.
Once they found the objective to this clue they had to go back to the beginning of this course to complete the obstacle where they had to run through tree's and under the legs of their own team members, then run and get straws off the bench, run around the swings, then to the small play equipment, slide down a slide and then run back to the lady at the beginning of the obstacle to give the lady their straws and received their next clue.

From there they had to run to the high school and sing the ABC's in order to get their next clue which took them too the local library.

Once at the Library the teams had to find a number which represented a book. Once they find the book they would open the book and receive their next clue which they also received a free duotang.

The next clue took them to our local museum where the teams would be given a piece of paper with a series of 5 questions on it. The questions consisted of:
1) how many soldiers in the pictures behind the glass answer: 124
2) Where is the old cash register located? Second floor in store display.
3) What was the museum 100 years ago? A school.
4) What was our town named after? Jake _________ (due to public blog I will leave this out)
5) How man squares on the quilt? 112

Once they got the correct answers they received their next clue. Which took them back to the public school. The boys discovered that once back at the school they had missed a step and had to run back to the food bank. My son did not have time to finish telling me what happened as he had to go back to school as his lunch break was over...

The winners of the Almost amazing race Coleman A, and his partner William W. Congrats boys. I hope you all had fun.

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