Friday, December 11, 2009

Almost Amazing Race

Today my son's class is involved in a 3 hour trek all over town to find clues in the almost amazing race sponsored by the Local High School.

They kids are in teams of 2 or 3 I believe and they must search all over town for their next clue.

I happened to catch my son and his one team-mate trying to warm in the sun while their other team-mate ran off to find the next clue.

It certainly is not a day to be sitting around trying to soak up the rays with the temps at -15 with a wind chill of -25°C. I am hoping to catch my son's team again so I can get another picture of them and perhaps some of the clues they have found. It sounds like a lot of fun and if it wasn't so cold I think I may have trailed them around town snapping picture of this almost amazing race.

Just a small update - I looked out my window and found the 6th clue all on my own lol. I did see two ladies carrying a similar sign this morning but did not realize they were part of the amazing race until I saw this sign. Wish I stopped them and took a picture - they may have been the first clue lol.

I imagine the race is now over and hope that the kids had a great time. I will be back after lunch to post who the winners were of this almost amazing race. Hope their winnings include something warm lol.....

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