Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too cold to do anything but Knit

Winter certainly has arrived in our part of the world with its very cold winter conditions. With the wind chill we are currently sitting at -25°C. I know I should not complain as the west is experiencing extreme wind chills in the -40's.

However on days like today when its much too cold to go outside - it gives me a perfect opportunity to knit. I am presently working on some new oven mitts for myself. I found a nice mixed colour called wooden moss which should match my kitchen nicely. This is one of the mitts I just finished knitting up yesterday - however its not sewed up yet. I have started working on the second mitt and then I will sew them all together. The green in this mitt is close to the colour I have in my kitchen.

So that is my project I am working on today and possibly try and finish my granny square I was working on as well. I am learning how to crochet. Learned one pattern but have not learned to read a pattern cause I learned how to do the granny square online. So my next thing to do is learn how to properly read a pattern.

Okay off to do something before any more of this day slips away.

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