Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 of my work out

Yes I know day 2 should have been yesterday but I didn't work out yesterday as I stayed home to be with my hubby. Yesterday my hubby's sister passed away and so I took the day off to be here for my husband. I think that is a good reason for missing my workout.

I was feeling so sluggish today though and had mixed feelings about going to the gym today but I am so glad I went. I had the gym to myself for a few moments before my sister Becky showed up. So I did my warm up stretches before hitting the circuit.

I did two rounds on the circuit with my sister and then a cool down. I could have kept going or worked out on the treadmill or elliptical but we only work out for a half hour as its on my sisters lunch hour that we work out on. I could go in a little earlier to work out longer too I guess but I don't want to do too much too fast yet, and I love the fact that I can work out with my sister.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's workout already. My goal tomorrow is to incorporate another exercise into our workout. Do the warm up - one round on the circuit and then do a round of Buns and Guns workout that can be found on youtube. It is a video done by
The following day I would like to do the circuit again and then do the ab work out that I found on youtube as well, again by self magazine. I think we will get a great workout following those programs. And if time permits another round on the circuit or try the treadmill or elliptical.

I am so glad the prices for this year have been reduced so I could have this opportunity to work out and gain control over my body once again. Working out does not only benefit the body but also the mind. I know I feel so much better mentally and can handle most things thrown at me when I am feeling good about myself. Working out really does benefit you both mentally and physically.

I am thrilled to be getting back on track and will be ecstatic when I start to notice the difference in my clothing. I will have to remember to post progress images at the end of each month.

Thank you to my dear hubby who made this all possible for me to do. I love you babe.

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