Sunday, January 24, 2010

who knew what kinda mess one can of opened pop can make...

well I got my answer once it hit the floor. It spread like a rushing river over flowing its banks and the chaos it caused. My hubby was squatted down in front of the fridge putting items away like a helpful hubby, when he received a wave of sticky bubbly pop all over the back of him. I was standing at the counter and moved the pop box but did not see the opened can of pop sitting next too it and sent it off the counter. I looked around the kitchen and was shocked to see how far up the walls this pop flew. It was literally all over my cupboards, walls, window and completely inside the fridge and of course all over the floor with about a quarter cup left in the can to spare.

I did not realize it got all inside the fridge and neither did my hubby. He thought he had blocked it all. Boy were we in for a surprise. I opened up the fridge to put some more items into it as we have family over for dinner and after our guest left we decided to clean up the kitchen. Maybe we should have just skipped that part and gone to bed lol. Anyway I opened up the fridge to find more room to put the remaining items in and started to laugh and say oh noooooooo. I clearly didn't even see half of the mess either. I wiped down the items on the first and second shelf and cleaned off the inside ceiling of the fridge and back walls and the closed the fridge. I then had to put something else in the fridge and noticed that the door was making a really sticky noise when I opened it. Ugh that is when I discovered the real mess. The inside door was covered in pop as well as the items on the shelf. So I rinsed out the cloth again and went back to the fridge to clean some more. I think I got it all but I would not be surprised if I find more pop somewhere inside the fridge or on the walls or half way up the top cupboards. I am so glad my cupboards were closed.
And I am sooooo happy this happened after our guest left lol. Now I must finish cleaning myself off. The pop got me too, from my butt down to the backs of my feet I am sticky with pop which does not feel so nice on your skin. I don't know how children tolerate being sticky and don't want to be washed off.
Had a great turkey dinner with my hubby's sister and her husband and son. We had a great game of Euchre in which my sister and I completely dominated. (this is truly a rare occurrence so yes I reveled in it and let my brother in law sulk lol. We had a great evening.
Haven't had that much fun in awhile. But as I said I now must remove the remain sticky pop off myself and get ready for bed. Or maybe I will do some of the dishes lol - my counter is covered.
Wish I took pictures of the pop mess I think you would have all gotten a great laugh, I know we did.

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