Saturday, January 9, 2010

My past projects

1: Sweater for a friends first baby
2: Sweater I knitted for Zachary
3: Hat I knitted I believe for my father
4. My very first afghan that I knitted for Zachary before he was born.
5. Sweater I knitted for my nephew Cody (the little boy is Cody)
6. Socks I knitted for my hubby's cousin Lily
7. Jaunty Jumper knitted for Barb's boy Jacob. ( I did cute red, blue and green one for the twins, and a cute mix of pink and white for my friends daughter)
8. Sweater I knitted for Bryhton (ethan had a similar one)
9. My kitchen knits - pot holders, oven mitts, dish scrubbies
10. Knits I did years ago - towels, dishcloth and pot holders. Rooster one I did for my mom.

I have done a number of baby items which I can't seem to find the images, But I have knitted bonnets, booties, and sweaters. One of my favorite ones to knit up quickly is the 5 hour baby sweater which the pattern can be found on the net.

My most recent projects have been image 9, I am also knitting a child's size oven mitt for my son Bryhton who likes to help me bake. I will post a picture of those when they are finished as I have to do some more altering as they are not long enough for his fingers.

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