Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting back on Track

Its finally time to start getting serious about my weight loss. Not that I haven't seriously wanted to lose weight before, but some where along the way I loss the sense of my goal and slowly stopped working out. Sure I kept injuring myself but I still hated not working out. Now with my sister at my side together we can be each others support system.

We even decided that if she can get her hubby to baby sit we will work out again even if we have worked out once already that day. Especially since we will only have a half hour to work out together.

I did my weigh in tonight, not overly shocked by the all knowing scale reading. I didn't want to look but I needed to know my start and I know at the end of it all I will be so excited about the amount that I have lost. I just wish I wasn't so impatient about it. I get it in my head I worked out now weight drop off already. Then I have to remind myself working out just once or twice is not going to make that happen.

So here I go with a new start to a whole new me, a healthier, happier, hopefully skinnier me.

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  1. I wish I could have had the money to join, but I like doing it here at home..
    You can do it..