Thursday, January 7, 2010

Muscles have discovered they were woke up

Today - I am experiencing a little discomfort in my muscles. But if there is pain then I know I am getting my workout lol. Muscles are not too sure yet lol - not fully awake from their slumber but enough to feel stiffness in my legs when climbing or descending down the stairs. Yes I am experiencing a little grumbling as I climb down the stairs lol.

Today I went a little earlier and got in about a 45-50 minute work out. I did 1 complete round on the circuit and while I waited for my sister to catch up I did a couple of the machines in the circuit until my sister did her first round. Then we went straight into the buns and guns workout. The first exercise in that we did not manage to do the full 16 reps - both of us were starting to feel a little dizzy on that one so we stopped. I forgot to count for the squats and bicep curls so we may or may not have done the 15 reps for that but I think we did. The last was the plank with leg raises - since neither of us were strong enough for that we did the plank with kiss the knee to the floor and did 10 reps each side. (Denise Austin move) Then from there Becky worked out on the bike and I was on the elliptical for the last 11 minutes and then for a cool down we walked around the room a few rounds and then we walked back to my place.

Looks like next week I will have to figure out how to get a workout as I will be babysitting as my parents will be with my brother who is going for bi-pass surgery. I will have to go in at night and get my sisters key so I won't miss a workout. its just not fun being the only one there. Barb you need to join already........

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