Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend is here

I think today was the best workout we had all week. I added a new ab workout to our routine today which I posted on facebook. I think its called Sexy abs. I think it will be something I will do not just at the gym but here at home too. I know eventually my body will get used to that movement and I will have to change it up again but right now even though I need to evenly get my body toned I really want to work on my abs and belly as I have allowed the stomach wall to go lax and I need to get that strengthened up. My goal is certainly to have a stronger flatter core by summer assembly which is in June. A much smaller dress size would be absolutely amazing too. Which means I will have to get a goal outfit to be in.

Today my sister and I did 1 round on the circuit and then went right into abs - doing the sexy ab workout, and a few others as well and ended off with a workout on the treadmill for me at a fast pace and Becky on the elliptical. The best feeling of today's workout is that I feel a lot of the stress I was feeling released. I think emotional baggage is just as damaging as the fat we allow to creep up on our bodies. So with that released I feel more myself again.

Okay with that said I need to get myself moving. I did a few more ab workouts mixed with some from Niki's site. And now I am going to give my body a break. A nice hot shower should do the trick.

Hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are in the world.

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  1. Good job!!! I only did my 20 min nikewomen workout yoga is burtal!!! But I think if I did more I'd be dead about now !!!! Have decided to sit only on my exercize ball no more chairs for me . I need a stronger core. Having a dodgy back and a disk that has herniated in the past ( pain comparable to 10 months of childbirthing labour) any way good for you setting goals . I just font wanna be a criple... When the weather gets less wet a few sisters and I are gonna do walks after we drop the kids at school and as soon as it's warm enough .. Swimming!!!in the lake ( I hate the pool it s gross),,,