Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 of Workout

I can't believe I was actually dreading going to the gym tonight. All day I felt like canceling. Not that today was a hard day. Savannah is really a good baby, its just a different energy being used when watching a child.

Once I got to the gym and started working out I felt my energy returning. It felt so good to get my negative energy out and good energy in. I wish we could always work out at night instead of during my sisters lunch hour but she has babies and that makes it harder for her as well as other commitments with hockey stuff for her oldest son.

Tonight we did two rounds on the circuit and then went right into our buns and guns workout, which was much easier to accomplish this time. However we didn't do the full 16 reps as we didn't want a repeat of the dizziness we felt last week. So we will build up to that. We did do 15 reps of the second exercise which was the squat with bicep curls and we did 10 reps each side of the blank with kiss the knee to the floor. Eventually we will build the plank into the leg raises.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do them as I hurt myself some how over the weekend. Not exactly sure if it was from Friday's workout as it didn't start hurting until Saturday night and all day Sunday. It was uncomfortable holding Savannah for any length of time. However its not hurting as bad now after my workout so I wonder if I had something out of place. Still feel a little discomfort but nothing the way it was. I guess I will find out when I go to lie down and how I feel tomorrow may change that statement lol.

Either way right now I feel great. Though its late I need to now go do some baking (bran muffins and some low fat snacks for me). Its too hard to do it when my niece is here. And tomorrow we will have to work out on my sisters lunch break providing I can get the baby down for her nap in time.

If you ever contemplate going to the gym I highly recommend it. I have tried many times to do it on my own and have lost weight doing so but its so easy to fall off track and hard to get back on but when you have a gym membership and a friend to workout with it certainly makes it that much easier. Its so worth the great feeling after a workout.

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