Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sisterhood of the traveling granny squares....

This colourful blanket was made by sisters all over the world and put all together by a dear sister named Bella - who put all these squares together to form this beautiful comfort blanket for our dear sister Dottie.

I wish we could have gotten a picture of the entire blanket so we could have seen everyone's square. I will request one and see if its possible.

You can see just a partial of my square which is in the bottom right hand corner with the brown
heart on it as shown in the second image.

This was the first time I got to be apart of something this special. I cannot wait to see what the next blanket turns out to look like and which sister/brother will be the next recipient of some comfort.

Thanks to the sister who came up with this idea and thank you for allowing me to be apart of it.


  1. =( Can't see my square in any of the pictures! Oh well. See how happy she is!! Makes me smile!

  2. I know - I was hoping they would do a picture so we could see everyone's squares as I didn't see Nancy's either - she described hers but I did not see it at all. I think maybe I will suggest a full shot of the afghan. But your right see her face so happy is such an incredible feeling.